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Welcome to an exciting new concept in Photo CDs!

U-Pic Slide Shows offers you custom photo CDs - you  purchase only the shows you want to see.   All slide shows are at 800x600 pixels resolution, contain 50+ slides and a music track.  Minimum Order - 3 Shows.

Who Should Purchase U-Pic Slide Shows?

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Tourists visiting Newfoundland and Labrador often find that the scenery is spectacular, the history rich, and the culture unique.  However, the unpredictable weather sometimes makes capturing the beauty on film somewhat of a challenge.  U-Pic Slide Shows make your photo expectations worry-free, guaranteeing professional quality photos to share with family and friends back home.


Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, whether at home or away, can always have a piece of home close at hand. You can experience once more the sheltered coves of your youth, the unrelenting power of the ocean, the wharves you fished from, or the churches you worshipped in.


Teachers can bring to life a class presentation in social studies, culture, history or religion.  Students can enhance their assignments with professional visuals.

Whatever the reason, you can create your own CD from the growing number of shows in the U-Pic Slide Show collection. All photos were taken by international award-winning photographer, K. Bruce Lane. Each show has 50+ breathtaking photographs for the low price of $5.99  - less than 10 per image.  There is a minimum order of 3 shows.


Cape Spear

Cape St. Mary's

Communities of
Newfoundland and Labrador

Corpus Christi

Humpback Whale


Wildflowers of
Newfoundland and Labrador


Little People

Nuts About Nutcrackers


Musical Hands

Nativity Scenes

The Basilica Cathedral
of St. John the Baptist

Pitcher Plant

Sunsets - Sunrises

The Tablelands

L'Anse aux Meadows
Viking Village

Mammals of Newfoundland

Magical Worlds

Stained Glass Windows