How do I find the photos I am looking for?

  • - visit my web site and go to Galleries. There you will find a selection of categories which you can browse at your leisure.  If you are looking for something specific, click the alphabetical index and choose the appropriate Galleries.
  • - there are over 8000 photos on my Photo of the Day Blog.  In the top left corner of the page you can type the photographic subject in which you are interested and all Blog postings related to your topic will be displayed
  • - There are nearly 2000 photos on that Facebook page - explore them at your  leisure
  • - just send me a photo request by email and if I have the photos you are looking for, I will send a selection by enail.

Where do I find your price list?

How do I pay for my Photos?

  • I accept VISA, Mastercard, cheques and cash If you are not comfortable with providing a credit card number by email, I can phone you for that info.  If you decide to pay by cheque, the print will not be shipped until the cheque has cleared.

How much is shipping and handling?

  • Once you make an order, I will provide the cost of shipping and handling by email.  The larger the print, the more expensive it is to ship.  Typically, I ship by the most inexpensive method via Canada Post.  You have the option to have it shipped by faster methods such as Express Post or Courier Service, but they would be more expensive.